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Thermocouples – Technology and History

Apr 24, 2023 12:21:13 PM / by Jason Schulze posted in thermal processing, Thermocouples


Thermocouples are a critical part of the thermal processing industry. They ensure our process, including production hardware, is being processed at the correct temperature and time.

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Pyrometry - AMS2750F vs. Nadcap

Jun 22, 2021 2:23:34 PM / by Jason Schulze posted in Nadcap, thermal processing, Pyrometry, ams2750f, Aerospace

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AMS2750F and Nadcap requirements (both checklists and the pyrometry reference guide) amount to 70% of all Nadcap Heat Treat Audit findings. This trend has been consistent for over a decade now. This can be attributed to a lack of comprehension of the specification, internal execution and inadequate internal auditing systems at the supplier level as well as the prime level. Conrad Kacsik is committed to improving the comprehension of AMS2750F within the industry. We believe that this is the first step in creating a successful Pyrometry Compliance System for our customers. 

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Does Your Controls Provider Understand AMS2750F?

Jun 22, 2021 12:53:29 PM / by Conrad Kacsik posted in thermal processing, Pyrometry, ams2750f, Control Systems, Aerospace


Instrumentation Changes to AMS2750F

There are two main changes within AMS2750F regarding instrumentation: 1) readability and 2) digital furnace instruments.

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SCADA Systems: 5 Key Benefits

Nov 26, 2019 9:33:30 AM / by Conrad Kacsik posted in SCADA Systems, scada software, scada programming, benefits of scada systems, scada control system, thermal processing


Companies providing thermal processing and heat-treating services are often amazed by the incredible capabilities of the latest supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. As SCADA systems keep getting better, they deliver even greater value for providers. 

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