Temperature Uniformity Surveys You Can Count On
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Guaranteeing Industrial Furnace and Controls Compliance With Furnace Temperature Uniformity Surveys

Ensuring accurate and efficient control of industrial furnaces is what Conrad Kacsik does. Temperature uniformity surveys are a vital component of that process. They measure multiple variables of furnace and oven operation, and when performed correctly, demonstrate that thermal processing equipment is performing accurately and providing consistent production. 

Temperature uniformity surveys are critically important for effective heat treating and are a required element of numerous industry standards, including:

  • Nadcap
  • AMS2750
  • CQI-9
  • ASTM E145

Expertise where it matters

Staffed with professionals that provide expert instruction and guidance on heat treating across multiple industries, Conrad Kacsik has the team, talent and know-how to execute precise temperature uniformity surveys. Should challenges arise during the process, our team provides comprehensive assessment, troubleshooting and repair services that limit downtime and deliver consistent results.

Ensuring compliance

Our trained technicians perform temperature uniformity surveys that evaluate the operational performance of industrial furnaces and ovens. We will help you demonstrate compliance with applicable industry standards and/or client requirements. 

These are the basic elements of most temperature uniformity surveys:

  • Verify your furnace’s classification
  • Define the qualified working zone
  • Set up an ongoing testing schedule
  • Measure how tightly the furnace stays in tolerance
  • Place the correct number of required TUS sensors
  • Determine the correct load conditions and furnace atmosphere
  • Test the temperature uniformity range within the qualified working zone
  • Collect and report the data in accordance with AMS2750

We can also perform ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing to meet the E145 specification, which relates to gravity-convection and forced-ventilation ovens for the polymer and rubber industry.

You can count on Conrad Kacsik for accurate temperature uniformity surveys, backed by powerful resources that resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Jason Schulze, Director of Technical Services at Conrad Kacsik, discusses proven processes that ensure compliance with Nadcap accreditation, AMS2750 pyrometry specifications and CQI-i9 standards.

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