Combustion & Flame Safety Systems
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Rely on Us for Your Combustion & Flame Safety System Needs

Conrad Kacsik provides combustion system components from top manufacturers that deliver accurate, reliable and safe burner performance. We back them with second-to-none design and technical service from our experienced engineering and service teams.

Whether you need process and package burners, flame safety controls or any other combustion or flame-monitoring device, we have you covered.

Conrad Kacsik offers a full line of industrial burners and combustion components from Eclipse:

Combustion Components

  • Air heat burners

  • Fume incinerators

  • Recuperative/direct fire burners

  • ThermJet burners

Gas Trains & Accessories

  • Gas trains
  • Blowers

Burner Flame Safety Controls & Accessories

  • Veri-Flame burner controls
  • Quanta-Max UV scanners
  • Quanta-Flame UV scanners
  • Quanta-Max multiburner systems

Providing Superior Quality and Service for 40 Years.

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