Combustion & Flame Safety Systems
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Industrial Combustion Burner & Flame Safety Systems You Can Rely On

Combustion Flame

Flame safety and combustion flame monitoring are critical to safe and accurate heat treating operations. Conrad Kacsik delivers exceptional industrial combustion burners and burner parts from top manufacturers like Honeywell’s Eclipse line. These products help ensure accurate, reliable and safe industrial combustion burner performance. We back them with second-to-none design and technical service from our experienced engineering and service teams.

The Eclipse line of products can be tailored to meet virtually any combustion system requirements. Whether one device or an entire combustion system, Eclipse products improve efficiencies and processes to make your entire system work better.

Our Eclipse offerings include air heating burners, flame systems, process and package burners, flame safety controls and many other industrial combustion burner parts and flame-monitoring devices.

Eclipse Air Heat Burners, Industrial Combustion Burner Parts & More

Conrad Kacsik offers a full line of industrial combustion burners and industrial combustion burner parts from Eclipse:

Combustion Components

  • Air heat burners

  • Fume incinerators

  • Recuperative/direct fire burners

  • ThermJet burners

Gas Trains & Accessories

  • Gas trains
  • Blowers

Burner Flame Safety Controls & Accessories

  • Veri-Flame burner controls
  • Quanta-Max UV scanners
  • Quanta-Flame UV scanners
  • Quanta-Max multi-burner systems

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