Calibration Services

Instrumentation and Process Control

Without verifiable accuracy, measurements are meaningless. Conrad Kacsik has the experience and resources to ensure the accuracy of your critical process control instrumentation.

Unlike providers who merely calibrate, we can also troubleshoot equipment issues as well as adjust and correct deviations within the control loop, saving you time and money by minimizing production equipment downtime.

Our field service technicians deliver NIST traceable calibration of temperature control systems and meet an array of industry standards and certifications, including:

  • ISO 9001/2000
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • AMS-H-6875A, Heat Treatment of Steel Raw Materials
  • AMS-H-6088A, Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
  • AMS2750, Pyrometry
  • ANSI CIRC.MC96.1, Thermocouples
  • ASTM E220-80, Thermocouples
  • Boeing Aircraft BAC5621H
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994 (MIL-STD-45662A)

Get reliable calibration services and more with Conrad Kacsik.

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