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Helping You Comply with Stringent Pyrometry Specifications

The heat treating industry continues to become more sophisticated and demanding every year. Conrad Kacsik has a dedicated team to help clients adhere to demanding and complex processes like Nadcap and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI-9) to meet accreditation and compliance needs.

Our pyrometry team works in conjunction with our service, application engineering and product divisions to meet any challenge you may face. We’re more than consultants. We provide hands-on support and technical assistance from the most experienced professionals in the industry.

This service can benefit providers working with many processes, including:

  • Captive and commercial heat treating
  • Chemical processing/plating
  • Welding, coatings and composites

Our consulting division is led by our Director of Technical Services, Jason Schulze. Jason is a metallurgical engineer as well as a Nadcap/eQualified instructor in pyrometry. As a result, our team of pyrometry technicians and engineers are continuously trained in new AMS2750E and Nadcap requirements, which can then be applied to our clients’ applications.

If you need support complying with CQI-9, AMS2750E or other aerospace-specific pyrometry specifications, trust Conrad Kascik to deliver.

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