Conrad Kacsik Offers AMS2750 and Nadcap Courses and Consulting

Meeting AMS2750 and Nadcap requirements demand understanding them as thoroughly as possible. Conrad Kacsik offers two classes designed for professionals to expand their knowledge in these areas. Taught by Director of Technical Services Jason Schulze, who brings more than 20 years of experience with Nadcap, these classes are ideal for anyone from those new to compliance or longtime industry veterans. They make compliance simpler to understand and easier to achieve.

While many attendees take the class due to a requirement from a Nadcap finding, the classes are excellent for people who are new to Nadcap and particularly helpful for suppliers doing continuous improvement training, which is required by both ISO and Nadcap. These courses are a great way to conform to those requirements, and they help your operation run more smoothly and effectively. Remember that audits are based on a single auditor, so good audit scores never mean you’re perfect.There’s always room to improve and a class with Conrad Kacsik can help you do so quickly and easily.

The Kacsik Difference

Conrad Kacsik’s courses include advice, AMS2750 consulting and answers to questions that may be directly pertinent to your situation.

Another key to our class is the instructor. Schulze has worked closely with Nadcap for more than two decades and brings unparalleled expertise. His unique background combines practical experience in heat treating and experience in the lab. While many trainers are engineers with lab experience, few have floor experience. Schulze has been in the shoes of the doers, so he understands their needs. His metallurgical background involves the most stringent requirements at aerospace companies, and he has worked R&D and production. For the past seven years, Schulze has consulted with numerous clients, working through many different, unique scenarios. He helps companies fix problems and sees how they address them every day. This practical engineering experience brings each class to life and helps solve problems in real time.

Whether you’re required to take a course due to a finding, learning what it takes to meet Nadcap standards or seeking to stay on the cutting edge, a course with Conrad Kacsik provides two days of intensive learning and personalized attention.

Costs and Benefits

Conrad Kacsik’s AMS2750 classes are $900, which includes two days and 12 hours of total instruction. Additional materials and expert advice are included in each course as detailed below.


Conrad Kacsik offers two-day, 12-hour courses in the following areas:

Principles of Pyrometry

This course takes a very technical deep dive to cover all AMS2750 requirements. It includes Nadcap heat treat requirements and the pyrometry reference guide. We explain how those requirements affect each other and when one trumps another. We clarify ambiguity and use many real-life examples to illustrate.

All attendees get a copy of the pyrometry reference guide published by Nadcap along with a whitepaper on pyrometry written by the instructor. The course also covers the characteristic accountability form, which is very valuable. This long and detailed form explains all AMS2750 requirements and how to conform. The course also includes the 533 characteristics in AMS2750 that have to be accounted for. Attendees receive a hard copy in addition to access to an electronic copy of this form.

Who should attend

This class is ideal for:

  • Anyone in quality who is directly involved in heat treating
  • Managers responsible for heat treat departments
  • Pyrometry technicians who need to meet 2750 requirements

Principles of Nadcap Implementation

This class is designed for people who are not Nadcap approved or who want to continue learning and refining their processes. We go through the Nadcap checklist for heat treating. As we do so, we explain how to format procedures and train to ensure conformance. We then cover the entire internal audit process to ensure compliance. Attendees will learn how to build a culture of compliance. Finally, we explain how to respond to Nadcap audit findings. This can be a tricky and intimidating process, and this class seeks to demystify it.

Who should attend

This class is ideal for:

  • Anyone in Quality who is directly involved in heat treating
  • Managers responsible for heat treat departments

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