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Industrial Metrology and Pyrometry for Mechanical Engineered Calibration

Conrad Kacsik meets the most stringent industry standards with a range of industrial metrology equipment, including pyrometers, which are a device used to safely measure the temperature of a surface that can’t be reached or touched. There are many advantages of pyrometer technology, including precision spot temperature measurement and unmatched accuracy and reliability.

As a true one-stop shop, we’ve built decades-long relationships with many of our clients, who value our deep expertise and the convenience of getting everything done correctly by a single supplier. Our sales and service teams work together to deliver superior outcomes.

See how our comprehensive suite of value-added, process control, metrology, training, consulting and maintenance services can help your company operate more smoothly and effectively.

Process Control and Data Acquisition

We offer process control system and instrumentation services along with a wide variety of furnace and combustion services, including:


What is metrology in engineering? With the right instrumentation, controls and software, our team of engineers has the experience and knowledge to craft custom solutions that solve the most unique challenges. At Conrad Kacsik, we understand the importance of metrology, which is why we offer in-house, NIST traceable calibrations and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited metrology lab services.


We’ll train you to become experts in all aspects of thermal processing, heat treating and process control. Choose from our extensive list of training courses, which can be customized to meet your exact needs.


We’re trained to spot process improvement opportunities and can guide you to a comprehensive solution that improves your entire operation. We’re also Nadcap compliance experts who can guide you throughout the entire accreditation process.


Conrad Kacsik is a trusted provider with factory-trained field service professionals who can service, install and maintain many commonly used pieces of equipment. We carry a wide variety of controllers, recorders, heaters, thermocouples, wire and other consumables. We service equipment from all leading manufacturers, including:

  • Honeywell
  • Yokogawa
  • Watlow
  • Eurotherm
  • Eclipse
  • Karl Dung
  • Future Design
  • Ircon
  • Raytek

Partner with a trusted industry leader by making Conrad Kacsik your go-to solution for all of your thermal processing needs. Contact us to learn more about metrology in calibration and the common uses of metrology.

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