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Jun 22, 2021 12:53:29 PM / by Conrad Kacsik

Instrumentation Changes to AMS2750F

Airplane-taking-offThere are two main changes within AMS2750F regarding instrumentation: 1) readability and 2) digital furnace instruments.

Readability of an instrument, regardless of whether it's designated a test instrument or not, is defined by the digits you're able to see when looking at the digital (not analog) display. AMS2750F now requires that all recording and test instruments display temperature to the tenth of a degree (X.X). This can be a challenge when dealing with select test instruments because once the display states 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the reading that was in the tenths place disappears. If you need to replace your existing test instrument, make sure to contact the manufacturer to ensure the display shows values to the tenth of a degree no matter what temperature is displayed. 

The second change is that all furnace instruments used in heat treating must be digital by June 2022. While most suppliers have digital instruments at this point, there are still some using paper-based recording systems. There are two types of digital instruments that are offered: electronic recording systems and PLC-based recording systems. PLC-based systems allow users more flexibility with regard to programming and record retrieval, plus they add additional automation to the process. 

Work With the AMS2750F Experts

Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systems, Inc. offers solutions to your instrumentation challenges. We can help you acquire instruments that will conform to AMS2750F requirements, including test and furnace instruments. We also design customer PLC-based systems using HC900 and SpecView SCADA software to meet your processing needs and implement a lever of automation in your process that will minimize potential defects. Our AMS2750F expert Jason Schulze is published regularly in two industry magazines, a metallurgical engineer with over 20 years of experience, a voting member on two AMEC committees (including the one that governs AMS2750) and a lead instructor with PRI Training. Jason works closely with our sales and engineering teams to ensure all equipment and instruments meet the requirements of AMS2750F. 

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