Thermal Process Engineering Services

For decades, clients from various industries have trusted Conrad Kacsik’s engineered thermal processing consulting services to guarantee compliance within demanding industries. Our team of engineers combine experience and knowledge with the right instrumentation, controls and software to craft custom-designed SCADA in power systems that solve the most unique thermal processing and industrial heat treating challenges.

Most importantly, our partnerships with top manufacturers, software providers and experts in the thermal processing and industrial heat treating industries are what ensure the results we deliver are outstanding. Partnership is the secret of our success. We work with clients to solve their problems, refusing to give up until each project is done right and each customer is satisfied.

Thermal Product Solutions, Engineered Industrial Heat Treatment, Process Control and More

Whatever your engineering requirements, Conrad Kacsik has the talent and experience to meet it. Coupled with our 40-plus years of experience in the heat treatment process, our partnerships provide peace of mind and convenience that clients across North America can rely on.

Our Thermal Engineering Services

Conrad Kacsik offers an array of engineering services, which range from small consulting jobs to designing and implementing an entirely new control system or rebuild of an industrial furnace. Our engineering track record includes many long-term satisfied customers and hundreds of diverse projects, the types of which include:

We Solve Problems

Conrad Kacsik engineers understand the principles of thermal processing and how to overcome the challenges that prevent accurate and consistent output. Because no two challenges are exactly the same, our process begins with an on-site Engineering Study to assess current systems, understand your pain points, and develop a solution to solve your problem. We deliver solutions that:

  • Ensure compliance with precise industry standards (such as AMS2750, Nadcap, CQI-9 and CFR-21) and individual customer specifications
  • Deliver shorter lead times and smoother startups
  • Increase operational efficiencies that minimize downtime
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Optimize control of production processes
  • Promote ease of access to production data (both real-time and historical)
  • Provide remote access to control and review production processes and data
  • Provide ongoing system support

Industries We Serve

Our team has met the thermal process engineering needs of industries with the most exacting standards in the world. We have worked with hundreds of partners in many industries since our founding in 1977, but we primarily serve the following industries:

Backed by Credentials

Our team is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited and delivers the results this demanding standard requires.

When it comes to the thermal processing of metals, Conrad Kacsik is your one-stop shop for any compliance need. To learn more about our control systems and the advantages and disadvantages of thermal processing, contact us.

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