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How SCADA Systems Can Save Companies Time & Money

Jul 24, 2019 11:03:31 AM / by Conrad Kacsik

SCADA System Control PanelMany suppliers choose supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems primarily to meet Nadcap or AMS2750 requirements. While SCADA control systems are vital for those exacting standards, they also create a lot of opportunities to increase efficiency and run systems more effectively. Whether you’re shopping for a SCADA system or are happy with the one you have, chances are you could be getting more out of what you’re doing with both supervisory control and data acquisition. That’s true regardless of the industry because a great SCADA system works well for an array of thermal processing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and dairy, water and wastewater, and other industries.

SCADA Systems Are Faster and Easier

SCADA control systems ensure exacting, repeatable performance that doesn’t rely on operator expertise.

  • Once programmed correctly, they require minimal inputs for accurate batching and recipe management, allowing any operator to quickly and properly run jobs and with little training.
  • SCADA systems can precisely operate many different pieces of hardware through user-friendly HMI software.
  • SCADA systems constantly monitor systems and automatically process and record data.
    • Allows for reporting and time-stamping jobs with operator signatures.
    • Should an error arise, the system will alert the operator immediately.
  • Many SCADA systems can even be operated and monitored remotely via the internet.

Cost Reductions

By running systems more effectively and automating so many processes, SCADA systems take costs out of your processes every step of the way and continue paying off every day they’re in use. The extensive cost benefits include:

  • Automation: SCADA systems can preheat furnaces and operate and report through remote inputs, requiring less staff time for the same jobs.
  • Efficiency and accuracy: SCADA systems run processes with maximum efficiency, reducing energy expenses and eliminating costly errors.
  • Reduced training time and more staffing flexibility: After programming, SCADA systems turn complex jobs into a few easy steps.
  • Flexibility: SCADA systems don’t require any changes in hardware—they can be installed in phases and will work seamlessly with existing furnaces or other hardware, allowing for cost-effective implementation. When choosing SCADA systems, seek those that are non-proprietary to be sure you are not beholden to a single company for your future needs.

Get More From SCADA

Getting the most out of a SCADA control system involves working with an experienced team of experts. They will study your exact needs, understand your goals and work within your budget to achieve them. A good provider will offer:

  • Engineering expertise to ensure your goals are met
  • Deep understanding of any industry standards you need to meet, such as Nadcap
  • Full ongoing support, including SCADA training, to ensure that your system delivers all the value possible—even if your needs change

To see how a great SCADA system solution saved one company time and money without requiring any hardware upgrades, check out this free case study

To start getting all the benefits a SCADA system can offer, contact Conrad Kacsik.

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