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Adhering to The National Aerospace & Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) certification requirements can be daunting, but excellent preparation will generally produce excellent results.

Whether you’re just getting started on the Nadcap accreditation journey, need a refresher or are working to address a Nadcap finding, Conrad Kacsik can help.


Why Nadcap?

The Performance Review Institute (PRI), which oversees the Nadcap process, calls it “an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment that brings together technical experts from both industry and government to establish requirements for accreditation, accredit suppliers and define operational program requirements.”

In simpler terms, Nadcap is the gold standard for quality assurance in the world’s most demanding industries. Nadcap audits cover a wide variety of special processes, including heat treating, pyrometry, welding and more.

If you’re supplying or seeking to supply stringent end-users within aerospace, medical or other demanding industries, Nadcap certification is vital. Any supplier conducting special processes will benefit from Nadcap training and audit preparation because Nadcap is all about improving quality and creating standardized, repeatable processes

What Does Nadcap Accreditation Require?

Nadcap has many specifications you must meet for accreditation. But comprehensive preparation greatly increases the chances of success. PRI lays out all specific requirements for any supplier. Take advantage of that to fully understand the audit process and the specifications involved. Also, make sure to prepare as well as possible by completing an internal audit.

How Do You Pass a Nadcap Audit?

Nadcap audits are comprehensive and challenging, but a well-prepared supplier should be able to pass with minimal findings. Once again, preparation is the key. Nadcap requires consistency, quality and accurate documentation. Understanding what’s required and building your systems to meet those demands helps ensure success.

Following consistent and accurate steps is particularly important for pyrometry when it comes to Nadcap audits. Suppliers can get a head start by understanding the relationship between AMS2750 and Nadcap, building Nadcap standards right into their procedures and learning the importance of temperature uniformity surveys.

How Conrad Kacsik Helps: Comprehensive Nadcap Training, Consulting and More

We have decades of experience with Nadcap and we've helped countless suppliers get Nadcap certified, learn how Nadcap works, address audit findings and improve their processes.

All of our products and services are designed to meet the most rigorous accreditation standards like Nadcap. We also provide two services designed specifically to help suppliers and their team with any challenge around Nadcap requirements:

These efforts are led by Jason Schulze, who has more than 20 years of Nadcap experience. He understands all aspects of Nadcap and knows what it takes to earn Nadcap certification and retain it by passing audits.

Ultimately, Nadcap accreditation is achievable with the right systems and processes in place. Getting there takes planning and preparation. As your experienced partner, Conrad Kacsik can help every step of the way. We encourage you to use the resources here and work with us to make your Nadcap accreditation or audit run as smoothly as possible.

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