Data Acquisition
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Integrating Premium Devices That Ensure Data Accuracy

Conrad Kacsik offers sales and factory-trained service for data loggers from renowned suppliers Watlow,Yokogawa, Future Design, and Honeywell. The broad range of products in this category collect and time-stamp process data automatically.

We can help you smoothly integrate the latest data-logging devices in to your existing production equipment and processes, which will help you:

  • Meet regulatory and/or customer requirements
  • Simplify data collection to improve audit processes
  • More easily analyze system performance and process data
  • Customize software to easily view and retrieve data

SpecView HMI Software Simplifies Data Acquisition

With the right software, data acquisition can be effortless. Conrad Kacsik can install industry-leading human-machine interface (HMI) software, SpecView, to provide you with powerful oversight over all of your systems.

SpecView makes developing, storing and downloading key process variables simple. This user-friendly software can:

  • Internally log your process variables on a continuous or batching basis
  • Automatically export key data in Excel format to a directory of your choice
  • Easily annotate charts with callout text
  • Enable you to add simplified data acquisition to any existing process

Conrad Kacsik has the experience to help you select the best data collection tools for your needs and process the data you need to improve your results.

Providing Superior Quality and Service for 40 Years.

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