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5 Considerations to Hep You Prepare for a Nadcap Audit

SpecView Simplifies Supervising Processes

SpecView makes sophisticated supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software that integrates with a wide variety of controllers recommended by Conrad Kacsik.

SpecView and its human-machine interface (HMI) software eases the burden of supervising processes, serves as a control and data collection center for your system and provides quick and easy access to all of your information. SpecView’s industry-leading, sophisticated SCADA software offers a powerful HMI platform with a proven track record, which is why it’s our software of choice. Additionally, it:

  • Adds consistency and efficiency to operational processes
  • Reduces operator errors through recipe management capabilities
  • Minimizes the hassle and guesswork of audit processes by providing easy access to production data
  • Provides monitoring that identifies problems and alerts personnel, even remotely
  • Reduces training time with a clean and intuitive interface
  • Automatically records, logs and analyzes data based on user-defined parameters

SpecView Software and Nadcap

When selecting hardware and software for use in a heat treat facility, we’re commonly asked, “Is your software Nadcap certified or compliant?” The answer is that there’s no such thing. To achieve accreditation, each individual furnace or process must undergo an audit. What’s relevant is that the products selected should have features that will enable the user to pass the audit. SpecView SCADA software has been used by many suppliers in the heat treat industry that have achieved Nadcap accreditation.

To learn more about what to consider when seeking Nadcap accreditation, download our whitepaper.

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