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Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systems Acquires Synergy Service Team

Aug 24, 2017 1:53:46 PM / by Conrad Kacsik

Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systems, Inc. (Solon, Ohio) recently completed the acquisition of Synergy Service Team, Inc. (New York / Connecticut). The acquisition is another step in the strategic growth of Conrad Kacsik. The new locations in New York and Connecticut, combined with its existing locations in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, and California expand the geographic footprint of Conrad Kacsik, and enables the company to efficiently service the entire United States market.

The integration of Synergy Service Team within our existing infrastructure further enhances our economies of scale, and allows Conrad Kacsik to service customers more cost effectively.

Conrad Kacsik was established in 1977, and has grown from 2 to 32 employees through a relentless focus on customer service. The acquisition further reinforces its position as the largest Pyrometric Services provider in the industry.

The Conrad Kacsik team delivers:

  • Certified Calibrations 
  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys 
  • System Accuracy Testing 
  • Compliance Consulting 
  • Internet Based Record Retention System 
  • Field Service, Installation, and Maintenance 
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems 
  • On Site Metrology Laboratory 
  • Product Distribution – including Controllers, Recorders,  Thermocouples, Wire, Charts, and other consumables

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