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Oct 24, 2022 10:49:07 AM / by Jason Schulze

AMS2750G Requirements and Updates From AMS2750F

AMS2750F vs. AMS2750G

thermal-processing-equipmentAMS2750 did not, historically, mark the revision when released using change bars, as other AMS specifications do. When AMS2750F was revised to revision G, change bars were included. This has made it fairly straightforward for suppliers to understand what has been modified and account for those changes internally.

While there have been many changes in AMS2750G, the changes are, for the most part, administrative. Previously, AMS2750F referenced a time frame of 2-years to modify instruments from analog to digital, to ensure the resolution was to the tenth of a degree on field test and recording instruments and, also, to ensure any external service provider suppliers use to perform pyrometry per AMS2750 is ISO/IEC17025 accredited for the tests being performed. That is a major reason for the revision of AMS2750. There were not many significant changes in the new revision of AMS2750G.

A couple of changes may affect suppliers within the new revision. A significant change is that digital recording instruments need not read to the tenth of a degree until a year after the release of AMS2750G. This should be considered an extension to the requirement previously stated in AMS2750F. Over temperature controls have also been given a permitted error within AMS2750G, which was not present in revision F.

Getting Ready for AMS2750G

If a supplier conforms to AMS2750F, conforming to AMS2750G should not be too large of a task. AMS2750G had more administrative changes than technical changes and also, it has been a big help that each change is marked with change bars throughout the specification.

To get ready for AMS2750G, reach out to the experts at Conrad Kacsik. We offer training courses that help you meet the AMS2750 standard and Nadcap requirements. These courses make compliance simpler to understand and easier to achieve.

On top of this, we offer calibration services and process certification services that will help you meet the most demanding industry standards, including AMS2750G. Talk to an expert today to learn more.

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Jason Schulze

Written by Jason Schulze

Jason Schulze is the director of technical services at Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systems, Inc. As a metallurgical engineer with 20-plus years in aerospace, he assists potential and existing Nadcap suppliers in conformance as well as metallurgical consulting. He is contracted by PRI Training as a Lead Instructor to teach multiple PRI courses, including pyrometry, RCCA and Checklists Review for heat treat. Jason is also a voting member on two AMEC committees. Contact him at