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Aberfoyle Metal Treaters Ltd. Recognizes the Contribution of Mr. Jake Kacsik

Aug 24, 2017 2:15:13 PM / by Conrad Kacsik

Aberfoyle Metal Treaters Ltd. recognizes the significant contribution of Mr. Jacob (Jake) Kacsik, President of Conrad Kacsik lnstrument Systems lnc., in helping our firm maximize the potential of our new furnace control system and in achieving AMS 2750 D certification.

Jake's extensive instrumentation, data acquisition, process control and furnace certification knowledge was directly applicable on our five distinctively different furnaces. He quickly simplified the complex AMS 2750D specification for us, identifying exactly what Aberfoyle Metal Treaters must do to comply with the requirements.

As an active participant and past Board Member of the Metal Treaters lnstitute, Jake is well respected by his peers and has developed an extensive network of contacts that willingly collaborate to help solve complicated instrumentation problems.

He generously shares his experience, making clear, practical recommendations which our furnace operators could readily implement. Jake's personable approach quickly gained the cooperation of our staff and they eagerly sought his advice.

Aberfoyle Metal Treaters Ltd. highly recommends Conrad Kacsik lnstrument Systems lnc. as a partner to provide sound counsel and assistance on any control and instrumentation project.

Yours Truly,
Harry Hall

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